Burnt / Unburnt (RHA) Rice Husk Ash

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Burnt / Unburnt (RHA) Rice Husk Ash

Burnt Rice Husk

Burnt rice husk is the best natural compound for hot metal insulation which in its calcined nature resists temperatures above 1500 deg cel. As this is natural material, it does not exhume fumes and is safe to use with good spreadability. As burnt RHA is low density material, it floats onto the top surface of metal and does not sink in or react with metal thus providing clean metal without any slag formation.

Unburnt Rice Husk

Unburnt rice husk is used for heat retention and generating exothermic reaction so as to maintain temperatures in furnace runner, it has high calorific value which compensates for sudden heat loss and then further insulates the metal too, maintaining it in liquid state for longer duration. It helps lower maintenance of runners and also maintains runner carrying capacity to optimum levels.

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