EBT Filling Mass Compound

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EBT Filling Mass Compound

EBT Filling Mass

EBT Filling Mass compound is high refractory Granular material, which is used in Electric Arc Furnace with Eccentric Bottom Tapping for free and easier opening of tap hole. This does not sinter under steel making temperatures and hence remains highly flow able at high temperatures, thus gets out freely ensuring uniform stream of hot liquid. It also minimizes the impact of lancing or poking on tap hole refractory and hence increases tap hole refractory lining life.


  • Ensures free opening of EBT tap hole in electric arc furnace.
  • Minimizes oxygen lancing or poking.
  • Increases the refractory lining life of Well bock and nozzles.
  • Ensures smooth and uniform flow of hot steel from EBT Tap hole.
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